tisdag 15 juni 2010

Frida, Agnes- Straight thin line

If I was a straight thin line
if I was a straight thin line
longed I for the curves and the rhythm
envied I the flesh
if I let go of mine
if I became a straight thin line

Here's what Agnes said:
hunger is a must
If I'd be satisfied
I'd lose my lust for life
Ultimately undefined
move beyond the straight thin line

One thing in life so far
I wanted most of all it was to
straighten out my bends and my curls
how to escape my shape
Become vibration

Agnes said to me:
I'll outthink my flesh
the key to all my work
is in none of it
but in the absence

(Frida Hyvönen, "Straight Thin Line", från albumet Until death comes, Licking Fingers 2006)

Agnes Martin, "Stars" 1963, ink and watercolor, 12 x 12 in.

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